GK Tech 油圧サイドアセンブリー&ハンドル



GK Techの油圧サイドブレーキです。ご希望のカラーを選んでください
Wilwood Stand-alone 5/8" インターナルリザーバーマスターシリンダー ご希望の方は12,055円の追加料金がかかります。お選び下さい

The GKTECH V2 hydraulic handbrake assembly is a pull type to be located in front of the shifter (towards the front of the car). With our CNC machined aluminium handbrake handles the whole unit is lightweight although very strong after a significant amount of FEA to ensure loads were evenly distributed across the handbrake assembly. With the handles available in a variety of colours they look great and work equally as well.