FDF Nissan S/Rchassis, Z32 リアグリップキット




バンプ時のマイナスキャンバーを抑制する事により、タイヤの接地面積を稼げるようになっています。トーロットの取り付け位置を6パターン作成する事により、簡単にセッティング変更が可能です。アーム類は全て高剛性のSpherical Bearing(ピロボールジョイント)を採用。(ターンバックル式)

-取付キャリパーはブラケットが選べます。Wilwood, Rchassis, 350, 370など。
-使用可能ハブベアリング Rchassis, Schassis, Z33


The FDF rear grip kit for Schassis, Rchassis, Z32 is a game changer when looking to improve mechanical grip. under squat, we have been able to effectively reduce camber gain and maintain full tire contact, and offer active toe control with 6 different positions, that are able to be changed at the track without an alignment. everything on the kit is spherical bearing for reliable and easy to maintain joints. arms are on car adjustable for easy alignment.

-Machined Billet Aluminum
-Multiple options for Calipers available (Wilwood, Rchassis, 350,370, etc)
-7.5lbs per knuckle
-All arms are included and machined from chromoly
-Multiple bearing options Rchassis/schassis/z33
-minimal camber gain under squat
-Adjustable toe gain bracket
-Anti squat adjustment
-All arms are on car adjustable with machined wrench plates in the center

2 weeks waiting time for custom colors