WILWOOD SILVIA デュアルキャリパーブラケット



The GKTECH S-chassis dual caliper bracket is super simple to install with the only modification being to the standard dust cover and only requires the hub to be spaced out 7mm's.

Alternatively, avoid wasting time shopping around for all the individual parts, getting custom brake lines made up, or running generic parts that may or may not work and check out our complete kit

As seen here at a 10% off combo discount: http://www.gktech.com/index.php/complete-s-chassis-dual-caliper-hydraulic-handbrake-setup.html
Or seen here, if your only wanting certain items http://www.gktech.com/index.php/wilwood-s-chassis-dual-caliper-hydraulic-handbrake-individual-components-not-combo.html