GK Tech S13/180sx to Z32 GTST/GTR変換ブレーキライン Front/Rearセット




The GKTECH conversion brake lines are to suit S13/180sx that are using Z32/GTST/GTR brakes the braided brake lines are a direct replacement of the factory lines and are stronger (read: more reliable) than the factory rubber lines which are prone to breaking but they also eliminate the spongy feel of the standard brake lines. The front lines are also longer to compensate for big brake setups or cars with more steering lock (which would see stretching with the factory line)

The brake lines are manufactured specifically for GKTECH and they comply with all DOT, TUV, and ADR specifications.

Vehicle Compatibility:
- Nissan S13 Silvia (with R32, R33 or Z32 rear calipers)
- Nissan 180sx (with R32, R33 or Z32 rear calipers)